Education through Simplification

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There are 3 forbidden Salaah times. This
must not to be confused with makrooh times.

Haraam renders the Salaah completely invalid. One cannot even pray Sajdah Tilaawat or Qadha Salaah.

For example, it's Haraam to pray any Salaah at Sunrise but it's Makrooh [greatly disliked] to pray Asr when the sky starts going red i.e. to delay the Asr prayer. This has been described in the Hadith as the sign of the hypocrite.

This is according to the Hanafi Madh-hab.
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The teacup picture shows the shadow length as twice the size of the object. This is Asr time according to the Hanafi madh-hab in accordance with the Qur'aan and Sunnah.