Education through Simplification

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This activity covers a few main Sahaaba whose names come up very often in the early part of Nubuwwat. This is a way for students to imbed them into their minds and hearts. This is a colouring activity; name and description should be in the same colour. They are all jumbled up.

Once all names are correctly coloured and matched, the names of Khulafaa Raashideen can be highlighted in green. They are 4.
Once that has been done, the names of the 1st believers can be highlighted in red. They are 5.

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Sayyidina Jaabir said, "We used to say Allahu akbar when we went up a high place and subhanallah when we went down a valley." (Bukhari)

One of the wisdoms of saying Allahu Akbar when going upwards is that one is always reminded that no matter how high he reaches, Allah is the Greatest and Highest. When going downwards, one says SubhaanAllah to remember that Allah is free from all faults and He can never be lowered.

These should be stuck on Madrasah or home stairs and can be a reminder for others. Sadly, such Sunan are being forgotten.

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All mistakes are from me. May Allah forgive me. Aameen.