Education through Simplification

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These do not cover all the places the great Nabi Musa [blessings upon him] blessed with his presence. It merely serves as a timeline for beginners. A great book to study the story of Nabi Musa is 'Qasasun Nabiyyeen part 3 ' by Shaykh Abdul Hasan Nadwi [may Allah have mercy upon him].


Toor Mountain and Valley of Tuwa

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Activity: Students can make their own 'Tajweed Traffic' signs.
This can be used to test students. 
A sign is pointed to and student should be able to relate what it means.
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Note: There are other forms for these pronouns, but these should suffice for the beginner.
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Below is a chart showing Twelve Sons of Prophet Yaqoob alayhissalaam, through whom emerged the 12 Tribes of Israel
Yaqoob alayhissalaam is known as 'Israel'. This means 'Servant of Allah' in Hebrew. It is the Arabic equivalent of 'Abdullah'. 

From the 'Children [descendants] of Israel' those who follow the Jewish religion are known as 'Yahood' in Arabic, which is the same as the English word 'Jews'. The name is derived from 'Yahooda', one of Nabi Yaqoob alayhissalaam's sons. This is because in tribes and clans, it is very common to name the tribe or clan after a famous member of the tribe. Check the following link to study further about tribes and clans: Tribes and Clans.

Please Note: Arabic names are Arabised and English names are Anglicanised. The true pronunciation would have been Hebrew since that was the language they spoke. It is very close to Arabic since they are both Semitic languages.