Education through Simplification

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Nouns are of three types in terms of nu

1. Singular

2. Dual

3. Plural

The following diagrams show how to make the Arabic Singular, Dual and Plural forms for Nouns in each of the 3 Grammatical Cases:

1. Nominative case المرفوع

2. Accusative case المنصوب

3. Genitive case المجرور

In the Singular form the following Vowel Sounds are used in each of the 3 Grammatical Cases:

In the Dual form the 2 cases of Jarr and Nasab are combined. Therefore, it is the duty of the individual to recognise which case the word is in, by their knowledge of Arabic grammar.

The Plural form [3 or more] is more complicated. There are two types of plural and in one type, there are different ways to make the male and female plural.


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