Education through Simplification

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There are 6 types of fast. Out of the 6, 2 types are divided into a further 2. There are 2 types of Fardh and Wajib: Muayyan and Ghayr Muayyan. Details available
. The following could even be played as a spin game and whichever one lands by you, you provide examples for. Allah knows best.

This wonderful chart is from another blog. It is about whom fasting in Ramadhan is compulsory on:
Someone who is Muslim, reached the age of maturity, sane, physically able to do so, a non traveller and a woman who is not in a state where she is exempted from fasting.

Note: Many people do not partake Suhoor. This is not correct because Suhoor differentiates us from people of other religions, gives us strength, allows us to thank Allah for food and it is a time for blessings amongst other things. Not partaking it reduces the spirit of Ramadhan.


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