Education through Simplification

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The Sihah Sitta are 6 Hadith books from amongst all the Hadith books that have achieved a great deal of Qubool [acceptance] in the Ummah, in that they are studied in the final years of Islamic Scholarship courses. They do not all contain only Saheeh narrations but as the Arabic saying goes ‘للاكثر حكم الكل’. The ruling of the majority applies to the whole.

From a young age, Muslims should be taught about our great Hadith and Sunnah tradition. The following is a map showing where their compilers hailed from. It is interesting to note that most of them were non-Arabs, which shows the religion of Islam is based on piety and not lineage. All praise unto Allah for this religion.

My wonderful teacher once said that in order to know an author, one should study their book and in order to know a book, one should study the author. This increases us in awareness and reverence for the book and respect for the scholars and their sacrifices.

For full benefit, a brief biography of the author should be taught before starting a book.


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